Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why failure doesn't suck.

Failure seems to be getting a bad rap these days. I'm not sure how it happened, but the inability to reach success at the highest level instantly can be seen as something bad. So, imagine a life  void of failure. Wouldn't that be cool? I'm Academy Award winning actor, a concert kazoo player, and the inventor of ties that automatically display the grocery list that my wife can update from her iPhone.

Well, that doesn't seem plausible, does it?

I think that what sucks about failure is when it becomes a label rather than an event. People are so quick to see the lack of result as something to wear, when it is simply an event. They lack confidence.

The key is this: If you see failure as an event and confidence as a behavior, then success becomes a product that is built by those failures. The part that cannot be absent is confidence. For, without confidence failure will always be a label.

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Dane Barner

Huge credit to +Aaron Schmidt @schmiaah (Aaron Schmidt) for the conversation that led to this post.

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