Monday, April 7, 2014

My big thank you to my PLN

Sorry this wouldn't fit in 140. I need to thank you for all of the help and support you have provided me over the last two years. I felt I needed to thank you after this conversation happened in our large exploratory team meeting today.

We were talking about an alternative to agendas. We are a 1:1 iPad school and thought that the $700 device might be able to handle keeping the kids assignments straight. So, the conversation went like this:

(General conversation about agenda replacers)

Principal: "I found a blog post that listed the top five homework apps. I think it was on Twitter. Oh and, Dane, you can contact your PLN. They can get us some good stuff."

I realized that you have been such a necessary resource in my professional life that even my principal trusts you for the best information. Thank you so very much. You guys are the best!

Dane Barner

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