Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Around the Corner Thinking

I'm starting a new blog because I desire to sharpen my focus on how I want my thinking to evolve over time. I can't remember where I heard the idea of around the corner thinking, but it changed how I perceived preparedness for the future.

Being current with technology/leadership practice/best teaching practice is no longer acceptable. You need to be an "around the corner" thinker. Well, what does that mean?

An around the corner thinker thinks in these kinds of ways:

  • I'm not only learning a new technology/script/resource/leadership strategy/whatever. I'm learning how to apply it in my discipline and your discipline and how a kid might be able to use it, too.
  • I'm not accepting that the time honored practice is the best way to do things, but after I have looked into 40-11 (pronounced forty-eleven) options, I am not so bold to say that your way is correct. And on top of that, I'm going to celebrate that you had the best idea in the first place.
  • I understand that the decisions we make will effect a multitude of stakeholders. And when I realize that what is easiest for me or the schedule or my team may not be the best for my kids, I choose what's best for my kids EVERYTIME. Without exception.
My thought here is that I want to be the kind of person who pushes the envelope, but doesn't always need to have the best idea. If you say pencil and paper is the best way to do something, I'm going to go and look under every rock, contact my entire twitter list and talk to every one of my teammates. But if pencil and paper is the best option, I'm going to look at you, smile and say "You were right."

Comments are welcome and encouraged,

Dane Barner

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